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General Enquiries  03-3589-1711
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Contact Agreement
Dee Flex Co., Ltd (hereinafter collectively referred, as us, or we); accepts inquiries from the general public via this Web site. By using this site to contact us you agree to the terms of private information handling as layed out in "Handling of Personal Information" (please note, the current document is in Japanese). 
Answers to enquiries will be communicated via e-mail to the e-mail address of the person that contacted us. Communication may fail if the wrong address is entered, or if network errors occur. Depending on the contents of an inquiry, we may communicate by telephone or letter if suitable contact details are supplied.

«About the handling of personal information in the inquiry by the Internet»
Regarding the protection of personal information, we will utilise transmitted data within the scope of the following purposes: personal information.

However, when communication is clearly not personal in nature, data will be utilized within the scope of its deemed intended use. For more information "see handling personal information" in regard to answering or responding to inquiries.
※ It should be noted that answers or responses from us, will be carried out by way of postal, telephone, or e-mail. Please check the agree check box above to indicate you agree.

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