Privacy policy

Enacted    Heisei 19年11月6日
Revised    Heisei 20年 5月1日

Dee Flex Co., Ltd
Representative Director Masaaki Akiba

Legal Note: At all times the Japanese version of this document shall take precidence over this translation.

Through the general operations of planning, production and management of an the event, for the protection of all personal information we handle, and full awareness of the social mission, the Company, in compliance with protection of the rights of the person, the laws and regulations regarding personal information. We have built a personal information protection management system for implementing the policy described below, while always recognized the trend of the latest IT technology, changes in social demands, changes in the business environment, etc., we strive for continuous improvement. We declare here that we enforce our policy company-wide.


1. For short term employees, employed as human resource management and business execution require, during the normal course of business, shall be given limited access only as deemed absolutely necessary to achieve the purposes and requirements identified, to personal information. All access to said information is terminated on business completion.

2. Will comply with norms, guidelines and regulations for the protection of personal information, as per country.

3. We continuously improve the personal information security system used by management resources by matching the actual situation of the business, in order to prevent leakage and protect personal information. Reasonable safety measures are instituted to reduce risk and loss. Further, any required corrective action will be taken immediately.

4. For consultation and complaints regarding the handling of personal information, we will respond promptly and appropriately, in good faith.

5.  In light of the changes in the environment surrounding the Company, we will continuously promote the improvement and review in a timely and appropriate manner of our personal information protection management system.

This policy, is disseminated and distributed among all employees, posted on our website, and in brochures.



With regard to inquiries about personal information handling:
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Please address communication to the Chief Privacy Officer.
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