Utilising our highly experienced design team we deliver high-quality graphics that are full of ideas, in a timely manner.

Our designs range from announcement posters, Web graphics, production handouts of various types, presentation screens, such as opening pictures, staff costumes, facade signage, stage design, to decoration of large exhibitions.

Our design team has received high praise from many brands, by always rising to the expectations of our clients by making effective use of limited time and always providing a "quality response" in good time.


Upon request we can use our database of information for providing up to date information, covering both the latest technical information, and the latest venue information for comparison.

You can efectively utilise a new stimulus and events with surprise through choice of locations by selecting from our comprehensive location information.
In addition, we offer a system that provide pseudo verification of the venue as it would appear on the event production day, by production of high quality CG simulations at reasonable cost.
Further, in house support of systems and system development to meet the needs of clients can be provided by our specialized internal departments.



We work with specialists in audio, video, lighting, art, and special effects production so that we always have the specific expertise needed to offer events that satisfy the customer.

In busiiness for over 25 years we have accumulated many years, through partnership and teamwork, the know-how to effectively liven up an event and produce the best productions by utilizing the strengths of each partnership.

In addition, depending on the conditions and circumstances of each unique and special event,  we apply the latest technology and production methods matched as needed, we offer premium items, and alsways apply optimal manpower so that we can answer our client's expectations.  


We are a one stop solution providing consistant service from research, planning, arrangement, construction and operation.

We display one of our primary advantages when producing events with tight time constraints, reducing cost waste and maximising production value.

Regardless of whether domestic or overseas, we work directly in conjunction with all contract operators and technology companies at venues such that miscommunication is unlikely to occur, and cost margins are not needlessly increased, by simplifying the chain of command. This allows us to provide good response, and derive the best results. Using this simple management structure we have gained a reputation for event production with value-for-money and keeping budgets under conrol.