International Locations

Welcome to our International Locations section. We at Dee Flex have been working hard over the past several years to widen the scope of our services. One major expansion has been to offer our clients the opportunity to hold events in other countries.
Here is a short list of synopsis of some of the many locations that we can recommend. Should you have a query regarding these locations, or another location you are interested in but that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Hilton Hawai'ian Village
Beach Resort & Spa - 89'500 Sq.M
VenueArea Sq.MHeightTheatreSchoolBanquet
Coral Ballroom2'5135.493'5201'92012'610
Tapa Ballroom1'5363~5.91'9001'0501'400
Great Lawn2'486---1'400
South Pacific Ballroom5433.8702384540
Tapa I4923~5.9610342450

2 Ballrooms (8 sections), 8 Suites (29 sections), 4 Outside venues, 2 Pools, 4 Lounges, 6 Other venues
The following photographs are copyright of Hilton Hawai'ian Village.

Crystal Blue Grand Lagoon & Beach area
Tapa Conference Center
Fireworks Banquet on the Great Lawn